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What's Included

We’ve recently made some changes in our curriculum at CPUG University!

With the R7x versions of the CCSA and CCSE certification exams, Check Point expanded the official courseware to a total of two weeks, lengthened the exams to two hours and made the exams significantly harder with a strong focus on obscure details that only a very experienced administrator with many years of experience with very large Check Point installations would be familiar with.  As a result, the R7x exams have diverged so greatly from what 90% of all Check Point administrators need to know that we’ve decided to change our courseware to a special non-certification education-only course where we can give the best of both the CCSA and CCSE classes in a single five-day class and really focus on learning how to make the product work, rather than specializing in obscure trivia or "How to Buy Check Point products".

As a result, we’re now offering Course 101: “Hands-On Check Point Firewall Administration”.

If you're looking to rapidly gain lots of hands-on experience with Check Point Firewall-1/VPN-1 and get all the useful information offered in the CCSA and CCSE and courses, then this is the course for you.  This five day course includes a very complete lab setup, lab exercises and lectures.

Why go with two weeks of the "official" "sales pitch" courses when you can take the intensive five-day hands-on course that's continuously improved by the 30,000 members of CPUG, The Check Point User Group!

We always train on the most recent version of the product!

All About The Courses

Course 101:  "Hands-On Check Point Firewall Administration

Proven Success

98% Passing Rate on CCSA!

96% Passing Rate on CCSE!

Schedule Of Upcoming Classes

Courses Run Once A Month, Monday Through Friday.
All In San Francisco, California

Course 101:  "Hands-On Check Point Administrator Training"

  • 2014:  08/04 - 08/08

  • 2014:  09/08 - 09/12

  • 2014:  10/06 - 10/10

  • 2014:  11/17 - 11/21

  • 2014:  12/08 - 12/12


Feedback From Students

"Barry Stiefel makes passing the exams easy and gives you the tools to use Check Point in the real world" - Lora P. (earned her CCSA and CCSE right in the classroom), San Jose, CA

"Cuts through the marketing fluff, leaving you with what you need to implement Check Point in the real world, as well as the knowledge to pass the exams" -Michael L. (earned his CCSA and CCSE right in the classroom), Detroit, MI

"This course has it all; great material, insightful labs and a fun instructor. Get your CCSA/CCSE and have a blast!" -Ken V (earned his CCSA and CCSE right in the classroom) Auburn Hills, MI

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Our Instructor

Barry J. Stiefel ("Stee-ful"), CCSA, CCSE, CCSE+ CCSI, has eleven years' experience teaching both the official Check Point courseware and his own courseware custom-made for this class.  He was nominated for the Distinguished Teaching Award at the University of California and has personally coached more students through the Check Point certification exams than anyone else in the world.

Our Classroom

We use a very comfortable classroom with a lab purpose-built for our needs.

Every student gets two computers: the first has multiple NIC's and has the full Enterprise version of Firewall-1/VPN-1.  The second hosts multiple web servers, ftp servers, telnet servers, mail servers and networking monitoring software so we always know what's going on.

Of course we provide all the snacks and drinks you want.


There are thousands of hotels in San Francisco and it's easy to get to our classroom.


Lunches and Dinners are included, and San Francisco is a great restaurant city.  See where we go for lunch and dinner.


Lots Of Successful Students

Please visit our Our Wall of Fame and see more of our successful students!


Fun In The Evenings

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Barry J. Stiefel ("Stee-ful")
Information Engine, Inc. / CPUG
268 Bush St. #2719
San Francisco, CA



Onsite Training Available:

If you'd like us to bring this course to your corporate location, please contact us.  It's something we do fairly regularly.  We can teach this course or a modified version anywhere in the U.S. or overseas.

What's Included:



With Hotel

All Courseware and Instruction


The World's Best Check Point Classroom Lab Setup X X
All Lunches and Dinners:
    Really Good Food in a Great Restaurant City
Hotel: Six Nights, Sunday through Saturday, in San Francisco.   X